31 March 2011

Final Taper Run Before Umstead


My stomach feels literally, cliche or not, like butterflies are fluttering about, from intestines to stomach and all over my body. I'm tingling with nervousness.

The 2011 Umstead 100 Miler will be my 5th 100 miler. That doesn't mean it's any easier. Instead, I feel this intense pressure to perform well. To run fast. To not have any problems.

There's a lot I've done to prepare for this race - the intense training; the long runs; the races; the cross-training; the running in suckiest of weathers; the visualization; the prep I'll do with food the next two days (Bring on the carbs!); the packing; the meticulously arranged drop bags. But when it gets down to the race, anything can happen, things you can't control. Stomach problems. Random pains. Injuries. Nausea. Where's the bushes? Electrolyte deficiency. Who knows?

But there's nothing you can do, but embrace it all. I'm excited to run with good friends, run on pretty trails, run in weather that will be warmer than in NYC. My mom and my sister will crew me. It's going to be so much fun.

As I tapered this morning, all these thoughts flooded through my body. An excitement pushed my feet - flying. I saw three of my totally awesome NBR teammates during mile repeats - I chatted to them while they rested before their final repeat. Then I saw another NBR-ite on her way to work. We chatted. They all believed in me. They think I'm crazy, but they were supportive of what I can accomplish.

And accomplish I will.

No matter what I do, I will have won in my heart.

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