20 March 2011

The Best People in the World

I feel so lucky for having so many amazing people in my life right now. People who absolutely blow me away. 

My trip is coming full circle. Getting tipsy with friends from Nicaragua, about to host Brian from Panama City/Bocas del Toro/San Jose/San Marcos for a few days, Carlos coming in a few days, Jarret and Rio coming to Burning Man. All the amazing people I've met were no limited time offer. The amazing people stay.

And I just read Nelson's book. Wow. I felt sucked in, wanting to rescue Carmen. The writing is so brilliant, and Jonathan clearly remarked that the writing reminded him of his - so true. Both are able to use few words in such a powerful, intense way that is far from my style.

And then there's Ray K who will run w/ me at Umstead. Tony who I'll train with, who will make me laugh so hard while running that I'll feel like peeing in my pants. And Iliana with all her kindness. And Rachelle taking photos of me swimming in Odwalla bars. And my running club, North Brooklyn Runners, with all their fabulous energy. And my Burning Man community here in NYC, with white and silver and blue body paint, and sparkles. And Greg and his psychedelic art. And Gwendolyn with her brutal honesty. And my sister with her nickname for me, and I for her, "The Beast." And Venessa and her letters and way of living I often envy, the renegade gardener. And Wayne... And everyone else, for meaning so much.

Writing more. Running more. Thinking more clearly. Being more myself. Utterly happy.

Thank you to all.

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TonyP said...

:). So glad that you don't actually pee your pants when I make you laugh. :)