23 March 2012


Drive ready.

Keys in ignition. Wave goodbye to Grandma as put car in reverse going too fast. Windows open, at least until the highway. Flip through radio. Nothing good. Nothing good. Get cut off. Sweating. Traffic. Lights. Cars. Traffic. Flip through radio. Nothing good.
On the highway. GPS instructions. Time ticking by too slowly. Slow down as I drive through booth. Take ticket. Where should I put that I won't lose it? In my bra. Drive. Faster. Sweating. Hot sun through windows. I'm getting a tan. AC is up. Not helping. Sweating. Seats soaked. Flip through radio. Nothing good.

Lean back. Lean forward. Pass that stupid car. They're tailgating me. Faster. Slower. Shit. A cop. Car won't read this CD. Why won't any radio stations playing "Rolling in the Deep" down here? Why isn't anyone calling me? Uncomfortable. Shift in seat.

See a Publix, swing car in, realizing I need coconut water. Buy it. Nothing else looks appetizing. Food poisoning after effects linger on. Back in car. Why is there traffic? Flip through radio. Nothing good.

Get to a booth. Exact change only. But - but - there's no cash booth? Ask car behind me; the truck behind them helps. Somehow, car trunk open. Slam it closed, throw quarters in, drive like hell.

Faster. Oh my god, how do people do this every day?

Drive. Flip through radio. Nothing good. Are we there yet?

Food. Off the highway, so it's not bad. Otherwise, it would be deep fried and meat. And that's not my style. Sip more water. Stay hydrated for tomorrow's 50 miler.

Drive. Drive. This town is frightening. Gas station - which side is the tank on? Pump six gallons into the car. And then park by hotel - really, this is what I booked on kayak.com?

And shower. Play music on computer. In bed. It's better than driving. Anything else.

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