07 August 2012

Burning Man Prep

It's not just a festival, it's a lifestyle.

Will the medals ever be done? Naptime first!
As my boyfriend and I move around in the mess of our apartment (me sewing, piling toiletries and sunscreens and pots and supplies and writing recipes and grocery  lists, him making medals for the Burning Man Ultramarathon), I realize it's not just a festival, it's a lifestyle. It's making lots of fabulous costume (pink and gold sparkly fishnet dresses, bikinis with fake leaves and flowers sewn onto them, fake fur bras and skirts and legwarmers), it's me organizing a 50k ultramarathon and putting way too much time and energy and money into it than makes sense - but it does because I love it and because I love to make people happy (and to introduce them into the world of ultras!).

But now - as we have pots and sunscreen and fake fur and a cat in the middle of it all - yes, it's more than just a festival. It turns into a lifestyle.

That's a little scary.

But mostly exciting.

I'm going home.

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Steve McLarty said...

Let it ROCK!!!!