05 August 2012

The Deli

I was waiting to get a roll of paper towels, because Wayne forgot and it was 11pm and of course I, like any New Yorker, needed my paper towels NOW so I could clean the litter box. I wanted things done right now, like any New Yorker. So I picked my recycled paper towels off the shelf and was shocked to see the couple in front of me with their massive amount of stuff. (Most New Yorkers buy a Red Bell or some beer or chocolates.) They were shopping - chips and cheese and blueberries and they asked for a big bottle of Dr Bonner's soap and a Mrs. Meyers candle.

Something touching - in how he tried to pay, or contribute, and how she gently, quietly shook her head now. He nodded, reached over her for the two heavy bags. I could see their love was new. He was covered in tattoos, wearing a shirt for a punk band, but all he was emanating was love for her. She was wearing some old black shirt with the arm holes way cut out so you could see her bra - and she too had a lot of tattoos. But mostly, you saw the adoration.

They didn't notice me. They barely noticed the smiling guy behind the counter. They were so sweetly falling in love, it struck me. This is what it's about.

I watched them float out of the store, and paid for my paper towels, too much for what they are, but that's what New York City delis are like. And then I went home to my little world, where the boy in love with me was washing a sink full of dishes - and our cat slept happily under the A.C.

And it was just another night in NYC, where falling in love and being in love are what keeps us going.


Anonymous said...

As this is your blog, it is certainly your editorial right to censor comments. You don't really seem like a censorship kind of person, but it is still your call.

I just hope you didn't censor me because u thought I was being sarcastic. I realize that posting it anonymously could make you think it could have not been heartfelt. I choose to make it anon because you sort of know me, and I thought it would sort of look weird that I called a little tale of a trip to a deli brilliant. I respect your right to edit it, and while I would like to tell u my feelings are hurt, that really doesn't work once I chose anonymous posting.

I am really just writing this follow up because I wanted to make sure you didn't think I was being sarcastic. I really wasn't.

cherie said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. This blog entry got no other posts.

No clue what you're talking about....Nothing else ever came through. Just checked so I'm a little confused

Anonymous said...

No worries - I highly complemented "The Deli," and I actually called it brilliant in my brief review. I didn't ave a copy. I thought u might have deleted it, thinking I was not serious, but I was. I am glad it just somehow didn't post, as opposed to you not thinking I meant it!