23 September 2012


During the JW Corbett 50 Miler, someone informed me that I was “first woman.” I was excited, and almost said, “I’ve never been first.

But actually, I have been. I’m lucky, I guess. (And have done enough smaller or less competitive races.)

400 Meters, 1994
In my first race ever, I won it. It was really exciting. I also threw up my breakfast below the bleachers afterwards, and have never since then eaten scrambled eggs and cheese before running.

The first year of the race, I ran the entire time w Jeff and Michele. Michelle and I tied for first woman.

Wayne and I ran this “just for fun” race, and he stuck w me the entire time. My asthma was a bit out of control, but I still won.

That’s it. A handful, but yesterday’s first woman award makes me still feel happy. Plus, it was a fun race - which is of course, the most important thing!

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Steve McLarty said...

Strong woman is strong :)