14 September 2012

Why ultrarunning?

"Are you looking for an exact distance, or for a challenge category? 
Trails are trails, with twist, cant, and camber. They go from here to 
there, some following contours and going around obstacles in a rolling , 
sinuous, graceful style, others marching you straight up hills or 
through ankle-biting rock gardens.

The traditional distance categories belie precision--50Ks around the 
country include races from 30.2 miles to 34++ miles; 50-milers have been 
known to be 48-53 miles, and 100Ks or 100-milers can range in mileage 
from a little under to when-will-this-thing-end.

We have the illusion of accuracy from GPS and Garmin devices, but 
really, isn't not knowing part of the fun?"

--Tia Bodington, Ultrarunning, Sept. 2012 issue

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