12 January 2014

Amazon - It Likes to Draw You Back

I’ve been to the Amazon in Brazil out of Manaus, and when I went to Peru, I did two different trips out of Puerto Maldonaldo. But still, I wanted to go again.

After this trip, I found the guides lackluster and a lot of it to be repeats, same old, same old. I don’t think I’ll go back to the Amazon in the same way, but I still find it so thrilling, gorgeous, and charming.

I went out with Amazon Jungle Tours – mainly because they were the only ones who emailed me back. I would recommend them, as I found the guides to be lazy, wanting to rest for any hours instead of doing lots of stuff. But still, there were some great moments….

·         Awesome trek where we hiked at day and night and saw baby tarantulas and lots of other bugs
·         Pink dolphins. Do I need to say more?
·         Grey dolphins.
·         Lots of monkeys, swinging and eating. They are so cute.
·         Too many mosquitoes. UGH. Bites everywhere. Impossible. Ouch. Ugh.
·         Caimans.
·         Sunset boat rides.
·         Swimming in “Lucky Lake.”
·         Caipirnhas.
·         Chilling in the hammocks.
·         Scary spiders

You can’t help but be charmed by the water, the houses, the mud, everything. People live very differently out there – with little electricity, boating as a way of getting around, bugs everywhere. I’m not sure I could live there.

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Photos are amazing!