12 January 2014

Santa Marta

We arrived later than expected, on Christmas Day. There was a room snafu, but soon we settled into our lovely suite. Casa Amani was a little pricy, but absolutely lovely and beautiful. We felt very relaxed, and it was the best breakfast I have had in Colombia. “¿Donde esta la playa?” I was told the beach nearby was dirty and unsafe and that we should take a 15 minute taxi ride. We were dismayed. Our friends Sherry and Steve arrived, and we headed out to a Christmas dinner of pizza, and of course, I had a maracuya juice. We walked around the town, and then headed back to the lovely Casa Amani to get our stuff together for our hike.

We had thought we’d stay in Santa Marta another four days after our hike, but our first impression told us, NO. So we changed our reservation; we had hoped for something nearby Tayrona, but ended up in the uber-crowded backpacker beach town Taganga.

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