22 July 2006

my relationship with running is really going well

marathon training? well, our relationship is flourishing. i'm eating lots of carbs, fruit, veggies. i went on a two hour run today. i was hurting a bit at the end, but i feel good after a shower and brunch with rachelle. sure, dating is fun, but it is not happening for me, my ex is still in love with me (and let's not discuss my feelings for him), no one is interested in me--so running is quite a brilliant substitute. it's good for you, and makes a life-long partner. sure, maybe i'll have arthritis in 20 years, but i won't be breaking up at least with anyone.

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alang bidara said...

Wow, two hours run, no joke but i know it feels good after the shower, even though it was like hell during the run.

Keep on having fun.

(alang bidara - 23/7/2006 - Malaysia)