27 July 2006

We believe in diversity in America; we seem to include assholes in that definition

“Marriage is not about love. It is about a love that can bear children.” –Todd Akin, Republican Congressman (MO), calling for the House to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The measure failed.

So a couple who cannot bear children should not get married; a couple who is too old to have children should not get married; so a couple who love each other but do not want children should not get married?

Yes, we seem to never be lacking for idiots in our country.

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V said...

I did the Garden Walk in Buffalo on Saturday, and can't remember the exact quote of the sign I saw in a window on Ashland Av., but it said something like, "A marriage is a union between two people who love each other." Take that, Assholes of Amerikkka!