02 March 2007

back from brasil

yes, there will be more posts. but i've been feeling ill, and finally headed to the doctor today. his diagnosis? "i don't know what." but they took blood tests, and i'm getting more tests monday, and i'm going to take cipro, and if no clue, then i go to his associate, an infectious disease specialist. "oh, and sometimes the malarie medicine doesn't work." you don't say....!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning re the health! We are off to India, China and Bangkok in April ...

Glad to hear you had fun. Will catch up later.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had left you a comment of commiseration, wishing you a recovery. Anyway, this prompted me to go get jabs for our trip to Asia (Hepatitis A and B, polio booster, typhoid, tetanus), plus malaria tablets = prescription of Malarone. Thanks for the nudge!

Look forward to hearing about your adventures. I'll tell you about Mardi Gras in Sydney. The highlights included 250 marching Kylies.