06 March 2007

good ways to spend your sunday afternoon

  • at the colombian cafe with a colombian hot cocoa (and yummilicious double chocolate pecan cookies), studying spanish.
  • enjoying art in a museum.
  • post-run, post-shower, post-brunch, with lover in bed, snuggling, talking, dreaming, loving.
  • taking my cat on a walk (only in the warmer weathers!)
  • making a big delicious soup or stew or meal
  • reading in the park
  • reading at the beach
  • drinking tea with grandma
  • poring over a large map with a head full of dreams
  • piling books in my arms from a local library--like shopping, but free, and books!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My favorite cafe is here Cafe Dell'Artista. Def. worth a shot if you have not been there...