06 March 2007

the rain always follows the sun

i had a brilliant time in brasil. here are the crappy things that have been following me:

  • my computer completely crashed. being the numbskull that i am, i haven't backed up my data in months. i brought it the computer repair place around the block and my hard drive is completely destroyed. they can extract the data, but it will cost me. plus the repairs. i hate money headaches. that is a huge one.
  • in brazil, some jerks stole my bank data and sucked $3100+ out of my bank account. hsbc rocks and i'm getting the money back, but it's going to take another week or so before i get it. in the meantime, i have little cash.
  • i'm sick. i picked something up in brazil--probably from the amazon--and i've been feeling awful lately. my doctor can't figure it out so i'm going to an infectious disease specialist.
  • it's really, really cold. cold like "feels like minus 15F." put a sweater on.
  • i spent too much money on groceries. at least it's good food and i won't need to spend much in the near future. but damn, i needed to buy milk and juice.
but i have to look for the sun:
  • 2 weeks i go to florida to see my grandparents and for the winter music conference!
  • crista and i run the eugene marathon next month!
  • i have good friends close by.
  • i'm starting to study spanish again.
  • my data wasn't lost. thank goddess.


V said...

Will the sun ever follow the rain?

Dental, dental, dental and semi-unemployment....

I'm feeling your pain, as you know!!

Anonymous said...

hopefully it is just the flu!