05 January 2008


i consider myself to be a running purist. i never wear headphones when i run. i do wear them at the gym (which is appalling tedious, in my opinion; music alleviates the boredom as i cross-train and strength-train to prevent injury), but never when i'm running.

why do i need headphones when i'm running? running itself and the scenery (although it is not always lovely, as i am a runner in new york city) captivates my interest. i am entertained by the very act of running.

but no, that's not all running is to me. running is also a place for me to clear my mind, to meditate. my old roommate didn't think running was a form of meditation; my buddhist landlord and i argued to her that it was where i cleared my mind. i do sitting meditation, but for me, i feel a lot better about things after a run. running is where i am able to make decisions, where i am able to clear everything out of my head, and just run. just be.


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