21 January 2008


there is something very ritualistic for me about drinking tea. i don't like getting tea at a deli where there is no thought or preparation or love into it; i prefer to make it myself or go to a good tea shop. today was a lovely day for tea; i had a pot in the middle of the morning, straining the tea leaves as i poured into my cup, stirring the tea my friend brought me from london with sugar and milk. right now i am drinking a lovely vanilla rooibus with milk and sugar. i am enjoying the simple pleasures of a cup of tea.

i love how tea warms me so, all over...i love the simple preparation in stirring quality sugar into my cup, sipping, warming my hands. i love to make a pot of tea for a friend and i, to chat, to share stories and love, as we sip the world's most popular beverage (after water).

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