06 January 2008

new year's resolutions

new year's resolutions are stupid unless you intend to keep them and they are realistic. like those, "i'm going to lose 100 pounds" ones are pretty pointless. as if you are going to stop watching teevee six hours a day, go to the gym daily, and eat only superfoods--c'mon america!

my new year's resolutions are:

  1. be more productive at work (which will hopefully end up with a promotion--woohoo!)
  2. stretch more before and after running to prevent injury;
  3. strength train to strengthen my muscles to prevent injury;
  4. cross train to give my legs some rest and prevent injury;
  5. eat less sweets. notice i didn't say i'm giving up all sweets; i won't buy packaged cookies and will resist sweets wherever and whenever possible, and will try to incorporate natural sweeteners like agave nectar into my baked goods.
  6. eat less. my portion sizes have been getting very american. of course when i'm training for a marathon, this gets thrown out the window. (when i run 23 miles, i burn 2300 calories, and my regular intake of 2000 calories means i'm going to feel faint if i don't eat more than normal!)
  7. exercise luna. this is the only resolution i am not very confident about. luna is lazy. imagine if you took sleeping pills all the time...you wouldn't be very active. this is what my cat is like. she sleeps, lies around, eats, begs for food, cleans herself.
happy new year!


Venessa said...

Have you ever cooked with stevia? I have heard great things about it. I actually bought a package at the Market this summer, but it's not powdered, it's the dried leaves and it's just hanging out in my cupboard because I don't know how to incorporate it into baked goods, although I throw in a few leaves with my loose tea if I want to sweeten it. I suppose I can always look online....Anyway, send me an email if you have any suggestions! Happy resolutioning....

Anonymous said...

what about good chocolate as opposed to snickers bars?
or real maple syrup vs Aunt
Jemmima's ?

I think I read they are low in fat.