29 July 2008

bad news first

i ran the jay ultimate xc this weekend...it was a lot of fun and i'll post the full race report later. some of the negative things about it first:

  • increased difficulty -- steeper route to the top of the mountain, shorter cut-off point -- this meant that a lot of people -- approximately 70 out of the 290 that started -- missed the cut-off point -- many by mere minutes. six of these individuals were my friends.
  • less grub at aid stations. the aid stations were missing some of the things they had last year, such as pretzels, gummy bears, m&ms, and other things. cookies, sweets dominated the aid stations. i didn't take in enough calories.
those are my main complaints. i'll write a full report soon. t is ready to throw a broom at me, so tonight i must focus on cleaning. but sometime this week, i'll give you the full story, plus photos!

p.s. i'm still in pain!

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