18 July 2008

intro to drop bags

i'm creating this entry, making it specific to the jay ultramarathon. i've used drop bags twice, both for ultimate xc races (so i was covered in mud, water, and absolutely filthy), but here are some suggested items to include in a drop bag. this may or may not be applicable to all races.

so brenda, others, here you go!

  • clean socks. i'd say include this for any ultra, if there is a chance of stepping in a wet puddle. a clean, dry pairs of socks feels amazing.
  • clean shoes. changing my socks and shoes after the river part felt amazing. it was so nice. haven't you ever been in the rain before, cold and freezing, and maybe you start to get used to things...and then you get inside and you realize how much it sucked outside and how much better it is insane? word.
  • body glide, vaseline, lube for your tootsie. your feet will be gross, in and out of rivers, streams, mudpits...someone recommended using body glide and i have no recollection of blisters. i probably had one or two, but nothing that prevented me from running.
  • a towel. this will be good to dry your face and clean your tootsies free from any debris.
  • food! this is SO impt. i stashed extra gels, extra jellybeans, along with peanut butter on a bagel and pretzels. i had a bite out of each of the latter two, but it was great. i'm starting to become a big believer in "real" food during competition.
  • change of clothes. i didn't change my clothes, but i could see how it might be useful. i still plan on including a change of clothes in my drop bag, just in case. what if something chafes you? you rip your shorts on a sharp rock? or you just want to feel dry and fresh b/c you were so crankily wet.
  • face wipes/baby wipes. i haven't used these, but other ultrarunners recommend these for quick freshening up.
  • sunscreen and bug spray. you probably sweated both off at this point, or they washed away in the stream. reapply to stay cancer-free and anti-bug.
  • plastic bag. i'm going to do this from now on. if you remove your muddy shoes or socks, everything else in your bag will be tainted and gross.
  • ben gay, tylenol, endurolytes -- i can't tell you what to use, but if you ever use things like these, put them in your drop bag.
  • hat, sunglasses. if you don't start the race wearing them, you will probably want it.
  • beverage. maybe you want a specific kind of gatorade at some point during the run -- drop it in.
final drop bag (for post-finish line):
  • towel (there are outdoor showers -- you will be showering in your clothes, but a towel would probably be nice for after)
  • soap
  • comb/hairbrush (us long-haireds need it!)
  • deodorant (if you want to talk to anyone who didn't run)
  • flip flops (this is HEAVEN after a long race)
  • food (there will be food at the finish line, but maybe you want a chocolate bar right when you're done. put it here.)
  • change of clothes. think comfy: t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, whatevs.
  • face wash
  • cell phone (so you can brag after you've used all of the above)
good luck, jay runners! we're all gonna rock this course!

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