07 September 2008

42 baby!!!!

i ran 42 miles yesterday. it was not easy....towards the start, i was having a lot of difficulty with my asthma and had to stop at a mile to rest my lungs. i did not think that was a very good sign, and persevered, slowly. i continued, and ran over the 59th st bridge into central park, where a race was to begin shortly. i passed the runners warming up, and exited the park at good old 110th st. i ran through morningside park, and then cut over to riverside park, running along the park and streets until i got to the george washington bridge. on the bridge, i saw a guy with fantastic abs, feet stuck under the railing, doing stomach crunches...yes, only in new york.

in jersey, i headed to the pallisades park, and enjoyed running on some pretty trails along the hudson. i was completely alone, passing only one other runner, and almost felt scared at times. i had my mobile phone in the front pocket of my fuel vest in case i needed to call 911, and the pallisades was RIGHT there, so i'm sure it wasn't too dangerous.

hanna stayed away for most of my run, but the last hour, the rain came down strong. i was over by bloomies, crossing madison avenue, and a guy saw me and i just laughed and held up my hands. and he did the same.

i arrived home, completely soaked. i immediately stripped (ooooh!) my stinky clothes (ugh!) and showered. i made a protein smoothie (yum) and headed on the train to my mom's. i was so rushed after i didn't get a chance to pat myself on the back -- lately, it seems like no one supports my running. people are annoyed at how much time i spend running or worry about me, but i'm so proud of myself. even back in april, the thought of doing 42 miles was daunting. now, i know i can handle it.

i can't wait for the VT 50 miler!


Pat H said...

I am one who worries about you but I worry because I love you...and I am THIS PROUD OF YOU!!!
(Think of the little kid holding his arms out saying, "I love you this much!")

1da said...

Why are they worried? I think it's amazing that you are so hardcore about your running! Don't we all have that one thing that we're totally nuts over?! Some spend hours online or watching tv...you run.You have a goal and you're gonna meet it. I am so proud of you!! xo

Norma Bastidas said...

Hi cherie,

You know you are an ultrarunner if nobody recognizes you when you are dressed up. I know is hard , most people hated when I started running, once they see is making you happy and you are not always sick they will be very supportive. I even get emails from relatives in Mexico I haven't seen in years with running advise. We are program to think moderation is the key no matter what. We forget that passion is different, we forget that as kids we used to skip, or paint, or skateboard for hours.

Keep it up


christian said...

i have been reading your blog for a long time ...well over a year. somewhere around the time you ran the NYC marathon.

...anyway, it's fun to watch people grow and change {virtually}

you've done a lot of that - we all have.

Good luck at VT 50 - I just finished my first 100-miler and it was brutally tough, but one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Run on.