18 September 2008

i heart new york

lately, i've been pondering living other places. it might be nice to run for hours on trails that are mere minutes to run to, or to have a variety of farmer's markets, or to bike everywhere sans pollution, or to take post-dinner strolls along the dream. pipe dreams, perhaps. everyone who knows me knows i'm a new york city girl. still, i can dream....and one day, i will escape the city!

here are some reasons why i love new york:
  • i skip up wall street, listening to paul van dyk, feeling great, and i'm sure someone other than me is smiling
  • the man walking past me skipping on wall street who is in the middle of the street, waving his boxing gloves around
  • whatever you want -- english sweets, obscure running snacks, dog food bakeries -- nyc has it
  • amazing food -- cupcakes, indian food, any kind of cuisine, and often for cheap
  • walk on a new street and discover a new life
  • the attitudes. i love the ego sometimes -- i saw a man last week wearing a shirt that had an arrow pointing up to his face, saying, "THE MAN." an arrow pointing down said, "THE LEGEND." i love it.
  • my running friends. they sustain me.
  • close proximity to my fam.
  • brunch! my favorite meal of the week keeps getting better and better, esp when served with (unlimited!) mimosas!
  • not too far from the beach; not too far from the country; not too far from the suburbs
  • fantastic shopping
  • great fun free events
  • amazing djs and musicians are constantly in nyc
  • nothing like xmas in nyc!
  • the diversity of people, thought and ideas. i hated the whiteout of boulder.
one day i'll be gone, running on lovely trails and enjoying the beach daily, but until then, i'm a new york city girl.

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