07 September 2008

burning man

burning man was the best week of my life.

"it's like summer camp for adults," my little sister told me, as i shopped for practical shoes at DSW the other day. yes, indeed it is.

i went out with my friend bill, not sure what to expect, but knowing that i'd have fun. it was even better than i expected.

i can't give a play-by-play because i'd be writing for 12 hours and STILL not get all of it. i'll just give you some highlights of this amazing week that i encourage all to attend (but be prepared for harsh conditions -- just remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger).

  • winning the black rock city 5k (and setting the record!) -- beating a naked guy! woooh!
  • going out deep into the playa, looking at amazing art, underneath SO many stars
  • tassel twirling class
  • dancing with mojitos at dementhe, an awesome camp
  • meeting tons of amazing people
  • a camp set up like a zagat-rated hotel
  • dancing at a huge club-like place, deep end
  • biking on a flame-spitting bike
  • dancing to "my adidas" during a dust storm, complete with goggles and face mask
  • running 5 miles during a dust storm
  • meeting all sorts of random people
  • big hugs from total strangers
  • hula hooping
  • making necklaces and making friends
  • librarian cocktail party
  • the "triathlon" involving swimming through dirt
  • watching the man burn
  • hitching a ride on art cars
  • yoga
  • sharing a piece of myself with so many others -- and them sharing themselves with stories, hugs, jewelry, whatever we had to offer
an amazing week. i met so many wonderful people. this week also forced me to re-think a lot of things in my life, how they are progressing...i am trying to figure things out, but it's slow-going. i feel like i'm treading water -- i want to be swimming.

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