07 May 2010


I am recovering right now from surgery. This means no work (yay), no running (boo!), lots of pain (boo!) and lots of painkillers (ugh). I've been napping, forcing myself to eat so I can take more painkillers, drinking lots of tea, and watching movies w/ my dad.

For years, I've had painful periods, heavy & extremely long periods. Starting since I was just 13, I've seen many doctors who never could figure out what was going on; I've had MRIs, ultrasounds, sonograms, blood tests, bed rest, various pills, medicines...no one can figure out what the deal is. After the latest bout of bedrest last November after a bad period, my doctor and I had a really long talk. She consulted an expert doctor, Farr Nezhat, and recommended I see him.

I was really impressed with the thoroughness and knowledge of the doctors at my first appointment. We decided that the way to (hopefully) solve & determine my problems would be to investigate. My doctor for years had been wanting to do a D&C, so that would be part of it. They also would be reconstructing my uterus as I had a septum (which is abnormal), and doing a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

So I prepped by getting my full of running - Umstead, followed 3 weeks later by Boston, a week and a half later with Miwok 100k. The surgery means no running until I'm recovered.

I got surgery and everything went remarkably well. I've had some pain and the painkillers have really helped. I was a complete wreck after the surgery, but am able to mostly walk around by myself. I haven't taken any walks yet anywhere far, and am planning on taking things very easy the next few weeks. I can't go back to week for another 2 weeks, so I'm taking it easy, letting myself recover. I'm hoping I can start running then and getting back to normal. Until then, I'm sitting on my parents' couch, watching Mamma Mia and reading books.


john.goodie said...

The race report was awesome!

Good Luck on your recovery from surgery now. The hard part should be all over now!

I am an aspiring ultra runner but am still training for my first right now. I volunteered at Umstead last year and started running then at age 49. LOL. Maybe I will see you on the course one day at one race or another!

john.goodie said...
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TonyP said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

dsr said...

give yourself plenty of time to heal--hope to see you up in vt.

Chris E said...

My God... That sounds like true agony, an incredibly painful ordeal... you sat and watched Mamma Mia all the way through?!