08 May 2011

Cherie's Running Secrets

In the future, I'll offer some of my dorky running tricks. Here's the first:

Have really muddy socks and gaiters after a muddy trail run? Here's how to get them the cleanest. Take them IN the shower with you. No, this isn't a substitute for laundry, but it's a first step. Just let them chill at the bottom of the shower. While you rinse your hair, etc, use your tootsies to sway them around on the bottom of the shower, squeezing out layers of mud, whatever. By the end of your shower, they should be rinsing clean (though may still look muddy). If not, do a few rinse and squeezes. Soap isn't necessary, though it won't hurt. Let them dry, and then wash them normally. They should be as clean as can be!

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