30 May 2011

Cherie’s Ultrarunning Tip: How to Not Forget Things at Aid Stations

I know, I know. We’ve all done it. You’re chafing for six miles and you get to the aid station and what do you do? You down a handful of gummy bears, take an endurolyte, refill your bottles, grab a handful of chips, and you’re back on the trail. And a few minutes later, you remember what you forgot to do: put some lube on that very-chafed armpit.

Phil taught me this: create a numbered list of things you need to do while running before you get to an aid station. The numbers are important, because in case you forget something, you count off and realize, “Oh, I have to drink Gatorade.”

So you might do this:
1.       Change socks
2.       Take endurolytes
3.       Refill water bottles with Heed this time
4.       Take an advil

When you enter the aid station, you’ll do all the things, counting them off, and this will help you forget. Say you only do three things, then you can remember something is missing, and hopefully remember it.

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