27 May 2011

Pineland Farms 50 Miler - Sunday!

I'm really not sure how I'll do this Sunday at the Pineland Farms 50 Miler - I'm pretty excited, as I originally was going to be in Austin for Flipside or to visit a close friend from back-in-the-day in Mexico...but then I skipped 48 hours at the Fair for the Bear Mountain 50 Miler, so I'm running.

I'm hoping for a PR. I'm hoping for a beautiful day. I've heard rave reviews from friends on the course - rolling hills, yes, but beautiful, and not technical. PR-worthy? That's what I hope.

There will be good people running - Tony, maybe Tursi, Bekkie and Joe. I'm going to push as hard as I can and see what I'm made of...that's what every day is all about.

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