09 September 2011


For the past summer, my mind has been focused on running hard, running hot. I've run 40 miles in insane humidity, high heat. I've worked flexibly (Thanks, job!), inserting 90 minute runs in the middle of my workday at the heat of the day. I've trained hard. 

I'm ready.

Tomorrow is the Rio del Lago 100 Miler. I've been focused on Burning Man prep, the Burning Man 50k (yep, I'm the RD), and decompression. And suddenly, crap, I'm running 100 miles tomorrow.

I'm nervous as hell. It's going to be 96. But I'm ready. Coconut waters. Two water bottles. I'm ready. I'm going to kick ass. And if I don't run as fast, I'm still going to kick ass. Because I'm giving it my all, my 100%, and I'm going to run my heart out in beautiful California hills. I'm trying not to pay attention to the elevation gain and going to pay attention to the fun gain. The excitement gain. People, I get to eat a ridiculous amount of gels, those honey stinger waffle thingies (oh, yummers!), coconut water, and whatever else are at the aid stations - M&Ms, pretzels, cookies, grilled cheese, watermelon, pickles, potato chips, and yes, people, I mean all at once. I cannot wait. It's like you're running 100 miles in an all-you-can-eat buffet. At my first ultra, I told my friends, "This is what my wedding banquet will be like." I don't know if Grandma Ann would be down with eating chips someone just ate with hands they blew their nose into, but people, this is something only an ultrarunner can understand.

Yeah, we're that crazy.

Wish me luck!


kikaroo said...

Wow! I'm in awe of you! Good luck tomorrow Cherie!


David H. said...

Best of luck! (even though I think you're crazy. :)