09 September 2011

Rites of Passage: Burning Man 2011

"You live a lifetime in a week..."

You do. And a lot more.

Burning Man...

People break up. They fall in love. They shed old hangups and issues. They discover new passions. There's art, there's experimentation, there's do-what-you-want. There's fun clothes, amazing music, sharing, kindness, caring, freedom, openness, experimentation. You can't describe/define it - you just have to go there to experience it.

This year, I did:
Sacred Temple

Dildo fencing...of course!

Burning Man 50k!


Unholy matrimony

Librarian Cocktail Party


We all live in a yellow submarine...by a temple on the playa...

Are you there, God? It's me, Cherie.

Hooping bliss..

  • Danced on the speakers at Distrikt
  •  Rode some amazing art cars, like a moving spaceship, a blacklight car, a Michael Jackson car, a bridge car, a yellow submarine, a giant turtle, a bluegrass bar art car.
  • Dissected stuffed animals
  • Got married to my best friend by Elvis
  • Drank lots and lots and lots of mojitos at my favourite camp, DeMentha
  • Rode my hot pink fake fur bike across Black Rock City, stopping randomly at camps that looked fun, pieces of art to investigate, drinks to be had
  • Ran the 50k ultramarathon that I organized
  • Hosted the 4th annual librarian cocktail party
  • Dildo fenced - and WON two matches
  • Met a lot of amazing people, saw a lot of art, spent time with wonderful people....it's the kind of place you fall in love even harder...with the world, with yourself, with your partner....rethink everything and reaffirm what it is life is truly about...


David H. said...

I'm afraid to ask, but how do they judge the winner of a dildo fencing contest?

cherie said...

David, you have to knock the "balls" (balloons) off your opponents dildo sword.