04 June 2012

Brooklyn Half!

For some stupid idea, I signed up for the Brooklyn Half. The original idea was that I would do a bunch of speed work, train hard, and try to PR. Wayne even offered to pace me, but he ended up with a messed up ankle and rode alongside the course, biking, offering cookies to runners. However, a hamstring strain almost two months earlier meant I cut my mileage down and my speed work. I spent a lot of time at physical therapy.

I started out feeling good, running 7minute-something miles, all under eights. maybe i could hit my goal....hmmmmm....and then around mile 9, this horrible pain began on the pad of my right foot. it was excruciating. tears to the eyes. moaning while running. i kept it up, and was relieved to finish.

1:45. Far from what I wanted, but still, pretty decent for someone who hasn't done the proper speedwork in months, good for someone who ran a 50k the week before, and a 50miler the week before that.

After, NBR went to the beach for a picnic. Lots of alcohol, snacks, cold water, slight sunburns. Wayne and I ended up leaving tipsy - and napping for a while in the afternoon. A fun day overall.

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