05 June 2012

Flipping for Flipside!

Word poetry that constantly changed

Aerial arts in the night

Amazing art car

If Flipside had a stock market...

Mustache Mistress

Ready for the heat

Huge sign. Really.

Live ice sculpture

The effigy- Earth

The effigy - Wind

The effigy - Fire

The effigy - water

the Burn

It's hard to explain an incredible experience. I had a snowball fight in mid-90s temps. I danced my heart out under flashing lights. I walked around, aimlessly talking to people. I watched aerials. I talked to strangers. I shared my story. I learned other people's story. I drank mojitos with mint and basil. I learned how Papa Hemingway liked his daiquiri. I played with cat toys. I sat on a moustache 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tell me that you are not the one that went wild for the big cat toy at The Republic of Kittens, please!!!! And I wish the huge Mutant Dragon Car had been using its flame capabilities....would have been uber cool :)