24 June 2012

Training for VT100!!!

Training has been going pretty well lately. I've been racking up the miles, in a responsible way, edging things slightly up, taking rest (though probably not enough my mom would say), strength training 3 times a week, sleeping, training, running home from work (much better than commuting on the train, though it's not always possible, especially if I need to bring my laptop home), working at home so I can have mid-day runs (my job is so awesomely flexible though my coworkers obviously think my training is insane), pumping things up. 

Some fun runs have included heading up to Rockefeller and putting in six hours, some with Tony and some with people from my running club. I had a really fun night run involving meeting at 11pm on the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan and having an adventure involving raccoons and prostitutes and good conversation with super eager and sweet Gabriel, pushing the limits Jackie, ready for anything new Jess, and the amazing John Budge.  

Right now, I'm tired and would like a nap!

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