29 October 2012


Zone A evacuated. It's all flooded. Rumours of Zone B getting flooded. Lights flickering. So scary. The wind. The howling. A runner got hit by a tree and is hospitalized. A man in his house was hit by a tree - and died. My thoughts are so scattered because I'm nervous, everything is crazy. Lower Manhattan has no power. Rumours are spreading that the subway won't be up for a week. My aunt was barely able evacuate from her house on the bay, had to wade in the water, told me, "I've never been so scared before." Indeed.

I woke up this day with power and howling winds and light rain. I began working at home early, not sure how long the power would last. Got a migraine, probably from storm stress. Listened to NPR all day, hopeful for news. Work was a little nutty. Took a mid-day walk to get something - saw water flooding up, people taking pictures. Crazy wind. Scary.

And now it's night. The skies are getting darker. No electricity in many areas. We just walked to one end of our block - car fire, lots of fire trucks. Other end of the block - cop cars and flooding and people bailing out their basement - literally a half a block away. The noise. The wind. It's scary. Really scary.

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Jill said...

Cherie, I'm just a fan and we've never met, but I totally was thinking of you during the hurricane. I'm sure that it's been scary and hard and even more stressful since you have the marathon in a couple of days. It goes without saying that you are going to do great, but instead of wishing you good luck...I am wishing for you to have some peace and rest with no fear. Be well, be safe, and take care.