28 October 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

An easy run with friends, coffee, errands, Halloween costume prep, cooking, chilling, a couple of Halloween parties. Slept intertwined into each others' arms, woke up late, ran 5 miles around 7 minute pace, bought groceries, breakfast, froze water bottles, bought beer and mixers, straightened up, filled bottles of water and stowed bags of ice in the freezer. And cuddled on the couch w the cat.

Mary came over in the midst of sweeping, and we headed out to see what things were like. I had been telling Wayne since Friday that you could tell something was going to happen - the sky has been this constant cloudy grey without rain - strange for us. And there is this ominous feeling. During the race, as I pushed my pace, I could feel it. And now, wandering around with Mary, heading to parks that had signs up saying that the NYC Parks were closed and how to report fallen trees. We walked out on the closed ferry pier. We passed people struggling with full bags of water and ice and beer and vodka and oh yeah, some non-perishables. I live in "Zone B" which means we're second to be evacuated. Zone A peeps were supposed to be leaving but those we talked to said they weren't leaving. "Yeah, our basement got flooded during Irene." Well, this is supposed to be worse.

We stared out at the waves. We talked about things that bothered us. We wished we had battery-operated radios and hoped we wouldn't lose our electricity. We wondered how dangerous it would be - and how bad it would be for running.

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