19 October 2012

Why did I decide to do the NYC Marathon?

This is question, and a moment for reflection, I suppose.

I've gotten way more into ultras in the past few years and I find it to be more fitting. I was a decent marathoner - I qualified for Boston a bunch of times and ran it three times - but I'm a better ultrarunner. I don't mind going long. I can keep going when others quit. I know how to push past pain (though I might be crying when I do that). But the trails, the pretty places, the views - they surpass anything I've seen in a marathon. And the people are much, much friendlier - they will stop or slow down or even throw away their race to help you - even if you are a stranger. It's the culture I like. In my local road running club, most people are quite friendly - but overall, in a road race, it's not the same. It's a lot of elbows and "how many minutes per mile did you do" and "what's your age grade" and all that sort of talk. Not about the love of your life and your dreams and all that good stuff.

But I decided to do NYC Marathon - it IS a very fun race, my running club goes into ecstasy over it, the crowds rock, it goes right by my house, my parents and friends watch me....

But this year, it's $216 for members. I ran 113.75 miles for just $24 a few weeks ago. Why? Big money appearance fees. Overtime for cops. And the recent article abt Mary Wittenberg in the NYT shows you where it goes.

I feel weird about it - it's SO much money. But it is so much fun. But, but, there are so many other races.

Next year, I'll be back at Javelina. I'll cheer my friends on, hand them candy bars. But I think my super competitive marathoning days are over, maybe. I know my heart belongs to the land of the trails and long and strong.

But you know what? I'm going to run in a tutu this year and I'm going to have fun and it's going to be good. Because you know what? I'll be running - and to me, that's the best thing in the world.

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Steve McLarty said...

That's a lot of bread to drop for one race. I guess since they are famous they know they will get plenty of people to bite, but....DAMN!