22 November 2012

Happy Tofurkey Day! 5k Race Report and Reflections...

A week and a half ago I ran a 24 hour race (104.87 miles) - and in another week and a half, I'm running a 100 mile race. So today, I ran the Branford Rotary 5k today with Wayne - a lot of fun!

Ray had me doing a three plus miles before the race, plus strides, running the race, and a few more miles.

I ran out the first mile, 6:40 or so, feeling mostly good. I was cheering on the runners by me, feeling pretty happy. I slowed down a little in the next mile, 7:01. And the third mile I ran into Wayne, who was hurting, likely feeling the effects of running a marathon the other day, and I cheered him up and we finished together.

And then I went out to run the race course again - a bit slower this time, cheering on all of the runners, chatting with the time-keepers, having a blast...

And then I got in the car where Wayne was waiting and mentioned my desire for a hot cocoa. He agreed. We pulled out with the windows open, when I heard, "And second in age 30-39 age group..." And it was my name! I leapt out of the car, collected my trophy, and then, Wayne and I stopped for mint hot cocoa.

Good day...

But this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for having Wayne in my life, who is awesome, wonderful, and sweet. I'm thankful my running is going really well lately - even better than ever. I'm thankful I'm comfortable in life, have a great home with a wonderful partner and a great cat. (Oh, Luna, so much to be thankful for...) I'm thankful I have wonderful friends, a great family (esp an awesome sister and a super duper cute niece that is so fun).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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