03 November 2012

Running on Empty

So they cancelled the marathon. All these people are so delighted because they didn't want anyone doing anything remotely happy - except, oh watching that basketball or football game (but people, those are what our society considers to be essentials). I understand a lot of the arguments, but a lot of what makes me angry is that people were circulating lies - like the cops were being taken off storm duty to do the marathon (not so - they're on overtime) or that the private generators were taken from people in Staten Island or that we were running through the worst neighborhoods (not so - if I'm correct, none of the neighborhoods that we are running through lost power or experienced extreme damage - not that other parts of the city didn't experience horrific damage). My own mother told me she wouldn't come and that kind of shut me off. I knew I wasn't an asshole for wanting to run - I did feel conflicted - but then there were the crazy parents in Park Slope demanding their children trick or trick b/c keeping them locked indoors for three days (OMG) was cruel & unusual punishment - and let's go protest the marathoners for running. WHAT? People are clearly insane.

One-third of the runners come from outside the United States...and they cancelled the marathon on Friday evening. My friend's mom came from London to watch her run (and now they are likely stranded in Greenpoint) and my friend's friend flew in from London to run. But no one is, because of bad feelings.

Don't get me wrong - I was VERY conflicted about running. But the cancelling of it - why and how it happened - and the blaming and the media circus - were wrong. It is not NYRR's fault that FEMA didn't get their act together to give out water.

My running club is planning on running to a volunteering point in Red Hook and helping out. I'll be there but I must admit, it's with a heavy heart. I had planned on PRing, running a fast marathon. I think if I had flown in from another country, I'd be like, "Screw volunteering." I'd be pissed at the city of NY. I'd be angry with the people, with how transit is messed up. And yeah, I'd be angry at my mom too.

But it's a bunch of things, it's controversial and all I know is, I'm drinking more champagne to forget at this wedding we are already late for. Four-hour lines for gas are not fun, but they are in Brooklyn.

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