20 June 2016

Routine Reflection

Routines can be very comforting. They also make life a bit easier. Before I left for India, I thought to myself, "Am I really giving up this wonderful routine?" It really wasn't wonderful, but it was managed, and it was my life, and I loved it. I loved getting up at 5 or 5:30 to run and strength train and practice yoga, work from home or bike commute, have lovely cocktails with my friends and wonderful dinner with my partner, read fascinating books, freelance write in the evenings, carry out the logistics for putting on an ultramarathon, help manage a Burning Man theme camp...

But it wasn't enough. I gave it up to find something deeper within myself.

Still, leaving the routine scared me. And I wondered if it was the right thing.

It was very much so the right thing.

Going to India was no routine. It was a bit scary, and at the urging of Jules, I created my own routine. Start my day with yoga or running; I added mantra and meditation too on occasion. Fill my time with writing, yoga, exploring, self-reflection.

Since I've been back, I thought it would be easy peasy to have a routine, and I'd have oodles of time. I imagined my mornings spent running, strength training, practicing yoga, hours of meditation...writing to fill in the blanks...working on job hunting in between...maybe even meeting Wayne for lunch frequently?

I've filled my life up way more than I can imagine. Cleaning my house, cooking excellent food, and catching up with friends and family take way more time than I could have imagined...not to mentioned looking for work (and in several different fields, no less!), plus keeping up with my freelancing. My yoga teaching means that I can't skimp on a practice for myself: I need to continue to develop my own personal yoga practice, so I spend a lot of time doing that. I read yoga books. I have been doing continuing education: Restorative Yoga Certification; RRCA coaching course (still working on that bear of a take-home test! Way more time than I imagined...); CPR/AED/First Aid certification. 

So I have lots going on, and I love it. I have no routine, which feels a bit weird, and at times, if I weren't so focused, I'd be unable to actually complete anything at all.

But it's the summer solstice. I started my day at 515a.m. with 108 sun salutations...and the day has been fulfilling, productive. Good food, good writing, and lovely weather. So I have no routine - that's okay. I have so many other rewarding things in my life to fulfill me.

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Lovely post! Thanks for sharing your self-reflection about routine and your experiences with transitioning into different routines. Have a lovely day!