26 September 2005


i can't seem to start looking for a job. i've been cooking, and unpacking, and writing up my travel articles, and naming all of these zillion photos i took, and seeing friends and family, and redecorating my apartment. i got an email about a job as an archivist, and i think i'd need a bit more experience. anyway, i read the email and it says "13 paid holidays, and 13 sick/personal days." i couldn't find the information about the vacation days, and then i realized, the 13 days probably apply to sick and vacation. are you kidding me? that is absurd! i hope it is wrong. i can't apply. i can't get a job with no vacation time. i don't know if i can work for a place where i have no vacation time. i always run out of vacation job. countless jobs i've called in sick when i needed a mental health day or a day off, because i used my paltry vacation days.

i don't know how to even start looking for a job. i dread the process. i'll start looking later this week. until then, i'm writing the tales of my summer. i'll keep you posted when they're published so you can check them out.

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