20 September 2005

now that i'm back...

so i'm back. i got home less than a week ago, and am still settling into my apartment, trying to organize way too many photos from my trip, and writing for bootsnall. there's so much, so i'll simply tackle it in bullets.

  • arriving home was a shock. being here still is. i keep saying euro instead of dollar, and so much american english is a bit of a shock.
  • i'm really enjoying all the food in my house, and cooking, and eating. it's so much nicer. plus, organic nearly everything!
  • i went to a family party where shouting was the norm, and after, my sister and her boyfriend slept over. her boyfriend made killer omletes in the morning.
  • venessa, my friend from co, has been here all week. it's been fun going to museums and cooking and hanging out.
  • i saw le tigre. one word: brilliant. they were awesome. they left the stage during new kicks, and came back dressed in these white outfits with NO WAR all over them. i danced a lot with venessa.
  • venessa and i got flashed by some pervert in a black explorer. he was masturbating in his car. i went to the police station around the block, and by the time we went back, he had booked. the cop told me to get the license plate if i could, and we saw him several blocks later, got the license plate, and called 911. they were very nice, and i hope they catch him.
  • i went to the moma, and i'm going to the guggenheim today--as if i didn't see enough art museums this summer.

it's weird being back, and sooner or later i'll need to look for a job, but now, i'm still settling in.

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