27 September 2005

places i've missed

sure i was in europe for 3 1/2 months, but i missed some places. i want to go back to revisit some of the places i missed. here's where i'll go my next trip to europe (in addition to england, berlin, and italy, which i need to spend more time in):

  • bratislava
  • krakow. it was between here and budapest, and as my grandma's family is from budapest, i chose there. i loved budapest, but now i want to go bk to krakow.
  • finland. it seemed to be too time-consuming to get there, but now i wish i went there
  • bergen. i went to oslo, but i want to see the fjords at bergen.
  • tuscany and umbria. i cut this portion out of my trip to go to croatia. now i want to go wining in the tuscany/umbria region. i'm hoping i can persuade trevor to go with me--he loves wine. me, i started to love wine on this trip. in italy and france, wine is cheaper than juice or soda.
  • scotland. it looks really beautiful; i want to go.
  • portugal. i cut out this part due to lack of time. i want to go.

i know i'll be traveling more. i just got roz hopkin's THE TRAVEL BOOK (published by lonely planet) and am picking out my next place. i'm thinking my next trip will either be latin america or russia/india/nepal/tibet. i want to go treking in nepal and tibet, and need someone to go with me. t doesn't sound so into it; anyone want to go? in india i'm most interested in dharamsala!


Jeet said...

Heya Cherie

Really enjoy reading your blog albiet not as frequently as I would like...

Man I would so love to travel as much as you have, it is so awesome!

First though I think I'm overdue in terms of checking out my own country, sadly I've not travelled much up north India, so places like Jammu and Darjeeling and Dharmashala, would always just be hanging wistfully in my 'to travel ' list

Hopefully can rectify that sometime... in the meantime though would definitly await ur articles, and all the best with the new job!


Lisa M Smith said...

I have been reading some of your blogs and some posts on BNA. I went to Italy for the first time last year, and I too fell in love.
I was ready to stay there!! And I think about it still. I am planning to go back next summer with my daughter(16) for 3 weeks(July18-August8). Do you have any comments about the weather? I have read so many complaints from American travelers about the summers in Italy, but I am from Palm Springs, CA, so I don't think it will be a problem. I hope you find something that makes you happy, pays the bills, and allows you to travel when you want. I work for myself, and the summer time is quite slow, so no one will miss me if I take off in July/August. Good Luck.