16 June 2006

being single

thanks to jessica for inspiration for this

i just have been realizing, hey, i dont need to be with anyone. it's okay to be alone, to be single. it's more than okay; in fact, it's fabulous. i can be best friends with t, i can be single and dance alone, i don't need to be tied down to someone immediately.

in fact, i think i feel better alone right now.

i like sleeping in the whole bed, naked. i like eating pretzels in bed and drinking water after i come home tipsy. i like cuddling with luna and cat fur all over the place.

i'm happy with my life right now.

that doesn't mean i don't want to be with someone--it just means i don't feel the need to be constantly with someone. j has mentioned how she's jumped from relationship to relationship and she's so happy now that she's single. being free and fabulous is much better than being with someone...who necessarily isn't good for you or what you want.

c'mon, it's new york city, baby, you think i don't know there aren't heaps of others out there? i'm patient b/c i know sooner or later, i'll find what i'm looking for. but for now, i'm enjoying me, me, me, and the freedom i'm finding.

i compared dating to shopping in a thrift store. at the point we're at now, everything is used. you have to dig deep to find the good stuff--j, just be patient and you'll find those "designer rocker duds at this thrift store" if you look long enough.

sure, someone may be good-looking, but if i'm not into it, forget it.
i need more, more more--i need intellect, i need fun, i need spontaneity, i need chemistry, i need someone i get along with.

and until then, i'll keep on movin sistah!

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