21 June 2006

so i was just in london...

to see andrew and his boyfriend of 14 years get married. it was a beautiful love story and i'm glad i witnessed it. andrew and john are english, but john's job transferred them to the usa (which is how i met andrew), helping with visa issues for andrew...b/c they respect same-sex couples at his corporation (inc helping pay for andrew's degree so he could stay in the us without hassle). they're moving to australia, so i really wanted to be there.

i flew over from the states to see this beautiful ceremony and be there to celebrate with my friend. it really was an amazing and beautiful day--better than any of the heterosexual weddings...b/c you knew it was going to last. they are fun and they are sexy and they are finally able to celebrate their love. as john said, "we just wanted something ordinary. we didn't want to be special. we wanted to be like everyone else."

yes, ordinary and fabulous.

they also talked abt being recognized as a couple, finally feeling like "real people"--something the usa doesn't afford them. this topic has been on my mind a lot as i've been researching lgbt issues in the workplace at my job, and david gave a presentation on this very topic...people tend to assume you're heterosexual unless you specify otherwise (or act a certain way) and lgbt people always have to conceal...and it's fabulous they can be out and proud and happy in their love.

i'm so happy for them! congrats!

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