19 June 2006

"sorry i can't hang out tonight, i'm sterilizing my dirt"

so this morning my speaker fell off my dresser and landed on my favorite rubber plant, smashing its beautiful clay pot that t gave me a while ago. (sorry, t, i'm sad too!) so tonight i purchased a cheap ugly pot at my local florist, and got the dirt my dad gave me out of the cabinet.

i have been having a gnat problem so i researched sterilizing dirt on the internet. the gnats were residing in the dirt so i put the dirt in a ziploc bag, added some water, and zapped it in the microwave...and took it out and saw blood. i killed a worm. somehow this freaked me out hardcore and i ran outside with the dirt, dumped it around the tree in front of my house.

i'm giving the dirt back to my dad. he can use the fertilized dirt. yikes.

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