25 June 2006

happy pride!

pride was good, but exhausting!

it's so amazing the ways in which nyc celebrates lgbt pride! so fun! i am so proud to live in nyc b/c it is open and diverse (at most times) and gay pride originated here.

for those who don't know, patrons at the stonewall inn in nyc's greenwich village spontaneously rose up against the homophobic police trying to bust everyone...there were riots and demonstrations for several days in 1969. the gay pride parade commemorated these events and originates in nyc. go nyc!

on saturday i went to dyke march with the cheerleaders and cheered some dyke faves inc "big judy," "coming out day cheer," "masturbate don't detonate," "queerleaders," "my bush is better" among others. (check out nycrc's website for more cheers!) i was exhausted from jumping but it was SO fun! at one point it started raining and i lightened things up with "it's raining dykes, hallelujah, it's raining dykes!" so fun. after, we cheered at remote lounge's prochoice lesbian party...fun.

today i went to pride with richard. he told me about the earlier prides, about people grinding against every pole they passted and humping police officers. sounds like a lot of fun. it's a bit more clean...but still fun. drag queens everywhere, condoms flying through the air (i think i need to start having sex in response to the number of condoms i got in the past two days!), lgbt pride everywhere, floats re: aids, floats re: homeless lgbt youth, pflag, schools, everything.

and then i saw "every day i hear fag/dyke at least 25 times during my school day" and that brought me back. i was called dyke all the time, mainly b/c i refused to conform to their standards. that was the standard long island insult at my high school if they wanted to piss you off or insult you; for boys, it was fag. and i realize how much i hate high school--i still hate those people for inflicting such pain on me. v went to her high school reunion and i would never, ever fucking go to mine. i would spit in their face if i went. i hate those people still. i can't believe i've been out of high school so long but still, i remember their cruelty. hopefully they have changed but i really don't want to find out.

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