15 February 2009

el bolson

of all the places i went in argentina, el bolson was my favourite. in the morning before i flew to bariloche, still tipsy, i met some other travelers who had been to el bolson and talked abt how absolutely boring it was. i worried. they were wrong.

i had a blast. my first day was freezing and rainy. the hippie fair, part of the reason i went there, was winding down b/c it was so crazy windy and rainy. i bought some amazing jewelry (v, rachelle, rosa, and others, this is where it's from) and met some amazing artists. i spoke spanish. i bought yarn -- handmade -- from this awesome argentine family (and i'm currently -- as in, tonight! -- knitting with it and it's absolutely gorgeous!). i talked spanish with random people. i ate a waffle topped with amazing fresh raspberries and cream. i fed a stray dog. i met a nice american boy at a cafe who's farming down here. we had some pretty amazing conversations.

back at my hostel, i chilled with silvio and jerome. they were both really interesting. also met a nice argentine boy, marco. at the hostel, we cooked, chilled, knitted (well, that was me, and eden crocheted) by the fireplace. i drank a $3 bottle of red wine that was quite delish.

silvio and i went on an amazing hike to this waterfall. we got lost hiking there and coming back. it was absolutely stunning, truly a vortex. it took our breath away. it was phenomenal. el bolson truly is a special place.

jerome, silvio and i headed to a type of commune outside of el bolson where we celebrated the summer solstice with yoga, chanting, and meditation. it was freezing but pretty amazing. i don't know the spanish words for some of the asanas, but i figured much of it out...it was an amazing and special time.

el bolson is one of those places -- kind of like burning man or dominical, that takes you breath away. the combination of nature and amazing people and some sort of truly special vortex...i did not want to leave. it was truly a peaceful and wonderful place. i miss it.

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