10 February 2009

i love my mommy and daddy

i'm 29, but sometimes, i still feel like a child. tonight i had a fantastic run home, made a kickass dinner of risotto (yes, what a pain but oh-so-yummilicious!) with pesto, butternut squash, cannellini beans and broccoli, and am abt to put a pot of tea on. i'm happy, my apt is clean, i may start some knitting...but just talking to my mom made me realize how important my parents are to me. they still do so much for me, and i feel SO comfortable there. if i had a car, i would go to fortunato brother's, get a box of pastries (i'm really hardcore craving their lemon cookies), and drive over there to snuggle in my granny nightgown (which my mom bought me a few years back) under those amazing blankets we love in my family and watch the bishop's wife or some movie we all love. home is where the heart is...but seriously, lately, t and i have done heaps of organizing, we got a bunch of plants and i love it. i feel so comfortable, so happy, so at home and lovey here as well.

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