14 February 2009

valentine's day ode: things i love

my morning started off all depressed, but quickly got better. i headed out for a good 43 mile run. my mood has greatly lifted, though i'm absolutely exhausted.

to counter my crapola mood earlier, i thought i'd highlight some of the things i love:

  1. t. duh. since 1999 (with breaks here and there), we've been madly in love, each other's everything.
  2. running. as if i even needed to put this. if t. completes me, running makes me who i am. (once i asked t, "would you still love me if i weighed 500 pounds?" and he said, "no, because if you were 500 pounds, you wouldn't be who you are. you wouldn't be a runner, and you would be very different."
  3. chocolate. today is my favorite day of the year for that!
  4. my family. my parents never give up on me, and always believe in me. my sister is still totally nuts and i love her for that. my grandparents are all kind as well, though they definitely don't understand the running.
  5. yoga. it's often after doing yoga that i get the full mental benefits.
  6. writing. i don't do it enough lately, but i love getting into a groove and completing something i'm proud of.
  7. dancing. i love to dance and feel totally free and alive. at burning man, i went out alone during a dust storm and ended up dancing and hula hooping to some amazing old skool hip hop, and i felt so alive and amazing and ecstatic.
  8. traveling. what's not amazing abt seeing new and fantastic places?
  9. reading. i love to lost myself in another world.
  10. crafting. it's so rad to create something fantastic yourself.
  11. vegetarian cooking. i love baking and cooking. being vegetarian (and to be honest, not always the easiest eater to please), this is the best way to have a satisfying meal.
  12. my kitty.
  13. aid stations. you can pig out all you want (though if you watch me shovel my food at an aid station, you would probably think i was revolting!).
  14. burning man. ah, to be totally free and alive and carefree and ecstatically happy...!
  15. good mail, like letters from v or love letters or my running mags.
  16. my kickass friends, like v and rosa and all the runners and everyone else who contributes amazingly to me being as happy as can be.

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