14 February 2009


no, i'm not unfortunately talking abt the day where we celebrate how great v is, but i'm talking abt valentine's day. what is today? is it really a hallmark holiday?

as the years have gone on, i've continued in the same relationship, but i can honestly say it's never been boring. hard, yes. painful, yes. complicated, yes. but NEVER boring.

t's job requires him to be at sea away from phones and work nonstop for 1-2 wks at a time. he's working right now, on v-day. we normally don't place such importance on v-day. in fact, we've probably been most often apart on v-day. it makes us realize how important we are to each other.

this year, we were supposed to be together, but t's work schedule changed (what else is new?). our plans were spend the day together, maybe get a hike in upstate or go to a museum and have a romantic dinner at home, but he's out. and it's weird -- no one is telling me it's v-day, and i haven't even seen any signs (it's 8 a.m.!) but i'm filled with this sadness...lately, him being away for work is harder and harder.

so i'm going to turn v-day around this year. i am abt to head out the door for a good, looooong run -- maybe 7 hours or so. we'll see. i'll be happy if i can do abt five hours. then, some good cooking (lentil stew or granny's barley soup), some knitting, eating chocolate and drinking wine, and seeing a good friend dj. this v-day, i'm going to skip the commercialism and love myself.

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V said...

ha ha, every day is V day! and C day! we're both fabulous, and therefore, i celebrate our friendship EVERY day.

i know it's hard chica, but you will celebrate when he gets back. and i think you're right, this is making you stronger....