27 January 2010

and the training for the umstead 100 miler continues...

I have to get more serious about things. I've been trying to make sure I do my strength training at least twice a week, preferably three times. I went to yoga tonight - I haven't been in forever and need to be more mindful about my stretching. I'll keep up with my cross-training, upping my mileage smartly, and training through glycogen depletion.

I'm excited and nervous and loving (and sometimes hating) the process.


dsr said...

i just signed up to be an ULMSTEAD 100 volunteer pacer--hope to see you there!

cherie said...

awesome, thanks so much for helping out!

i'll prob be wearing all pink (unless it's cold - my long-sleeved pink tops are limited) with two buns, pink visor, and pink cheetah print dirty girl gaiters.

say hello! i'm SO nervous and excited!