24 January 2010

Think from Poets

If the light is the soul then the soul is all around me.
--Nicole Perayfitte

Accept lost forever.
--Jack Kerouac

I must either create my own system or be trapped in another.
--Bhanu Kapil Ryder

The young never think of themselves as temporary.
--Bobbie Louise Hawkins

What is falling in love but drunken acceptance?
--Bobbie Louise Hawkins

I should like to die at your feet and live in your arms.

Get it when you're alive; you can't find it when you're dead.
--Joanne Kyger

What on earth would kill for love -- who wouldn't?
--Ted Berrigan

I and I'm ab out to be born again thinking of you.
--Ted Berrigan

While my writings may not be exclusively political, they can never be completely private.
--Elene Sikelianos

We could never get enough money and power together to erect a government that cares about its people.
--Jack Kerouac 

In the winter, we have sleeves, but in the summer, we have arms.
--Maureen Owen

Be as thoughtfully fearlessly as you can.
--Rikki Ducornet

If it's not interesting, go somewhere that is.
--Rikki Ducornet

Until a poem is read aloud, it is holding its breath on the page.
--Edwin Torres

Are you ready to fall? Yeah! Then come on in!
--Edwin Torres

Love breaks down the hate to make people listen.
--Mac Wellman 

Speech is
my hammer
bang my
world into
let it fall.
--Mos Def

Keep up the breath that could kill you.
--Jena Osman

Don't be afraid to see something you don't want to see.
--Mei Mei Brussenbruge

Innocence is the standard.
If you are not innocent, you are guilty

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